Investment Property Consultancy

Investment Property Consultancy

Those who know Portugal well understand the treasures that it has to offer across the investment board: golf and tourism; retail and commercial; light industrial – and even vineyards producing top-quality wine.


Those who have built up portfolios of properties over the years do not always want the sale of some or all of their assets to be made public as it could have serious commercial implications. Equally those looking to add to their existing portfolios do not often advertise that fact, they prefer to deal more discreetly.

This is where we excel. We have our finger on the pulse of Portugal, and can match buyer and seller across the spectrum of precise requirements. We have the confidence of those looking to sell – they know our reputation and pedigree – and we can prove our credentials to any potential purchaser.


Typically a foreign investor will approach us with a specific request, be it for a chain of retail outlets or student accommodation; private healthcare units or light industrial sites. Once we have the full brief we act as confidential consultants throughout the process. The investment process is complicated enough as it is – we smooth the way with our knowledge and understanding of the systems and the Portuguese way of getting things done. We inspect, qualify and present only those opportunities that are genuine and deliverable, with personal contact direct to the owners.


Equally, those looking to divest assets in any sector of the market approach us knowing that we provide personal access to proven, genuine investors.


Where relevant, we are in a position to recommend choices of professionals in the fields of, for instance, financing, legal advice, construction, property management and so on.


Whether you are looking to dispose of assets in Portugal or add to your portfolio here, we invite you to contact us for an initial, free-of-charge, meeting to establish just how we can help you achieve your objectives.