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Algarve once again elected best place in the world to retire

This conclusion was made by the Live and invest Overseas Index, which ranked the Algarve in top spot. To compile the list, specialists assessed popular retirement spots around the world using 12 different criteria, including expat communities, taxes, health care, entertainment and cost of living.
Completing the top three spots are Valetta, in Malta, and Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico.
According to research, which spans 211 pages, the index finds that ranging from health care to beaches, the Algarve has something for everyone.
Researchers concluded that the region has got everything the would-be retiree could want: great weather and lots of sunshine year-round along with an established and welcoming expat community
The study also lists top-notch medical facilities and health care, an affordable cost of living, especially when considering the quality of life on offer, undervalued and bargain-priced property buys, including sea front properties coupled with “endless opportunities for fun, adventure, and enjoying rich, full, varied days out-of-doors.”
Other advantages of settling in the Algarve included the fact that a great deal of English spoken thanks to the longstanding British presence, First World infrastructure, a new retiree residency programme that rolls out the welcome mat for foreign pensioners and easy access both from the United States and to and from all of Europe.
The Live and Invest Overseas Annual Retire Overseas Index was compiled after months of on-the-ground research, with help from expats, experts, and correspondents.
Researchers also claim the 2016 Index is the most comprehensive country-by-country comparison ever produced.
Americans, in particular, are encouraged to look at the Algarve, with the study arguing that the strong dollar allows a retired couple to live comfortably on the Algarve coast on as little as US$1,400 per month.
“Portugal’s property market remains nicely undervalued, and, again, if you’re shopping with dollars, you’ve got super-charged buying power right now”, the study
Of all the countries researched, the Algarve also won the category of crime and safety.
“Portugal is known as the fifth most peaceful country in the world. Statistics show that crime in the already-safe Algarve is falling steadily and this can be attributed to a number of factors, including an increase in police during the busy summer months.”
It also argues that for recreation the Algarve has to be right at the top of the list.
“Portugal’s Algarve region is home to some of the best courses in Europe. And 85 of the region’s breathtaking beaches were awarded Blue Flags this year.”
From cost of treatment to ease of access, health care is an ever-growing concern for retirees, with the Algarve once again coming out on top alongside France.
“Despite Portugal’s ongoing troubles with staff shortages, health care in the Algarve region is good, and the country’s overall health care ranks 12th in the world.”

by Maria Teixeira from USA on 21-08-2016