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The Economist launches ‘Brexit’ poll tracker

BREXIT: Weekly international business news magazine The Economist has launched an interactive poll tracker that features voting intentions for Britain’s upcoming EU referendum.

“Readers can use this to find what a weighted average of the main polls reveals about public opinion towards Brexit, overall or by region, age, sex, class and political party,” the publication explains.

It will be updated twice a week, and include data from a variety of sources (BMG; ComRes; ICM; Ipsos MORI; Survation; TNS; YouGov).

With results extremely close at the moment (40% wanting to remain, 39% wanting to leave, and 16% undecided), new data shows that most young people (59% of 18-24 year-olds) are pro-EU, while the opposite can be said of the over-60s, of which 54% want out.

The Economist’s poll tracker also shows that 48% of the “rich” want to stick with Europe, while 47% of the “poor” want to leave it in order to move forwards.

More data and results can be found on the Economist’s website (click here) as the referendum countdown approaches its June 23 voting date.

Posted by portugalpress on April 19, 2016